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Logo HEATSCOPE: Design-Ambiente-Infrarot-Heizstrahler mit weniger Licht und mehr Waerme, for conservatories, terraces, balconies and restaurantsHEATSCOPE: VISION ambient design infrared radiant heaters with SCHOTT Nextrema glass front for private homes, restaurants, cafés and hotels - OverviewHEATSCOPE ambient infrared heaters »

Simply turn it on and enjoy the heat. No bright red light, pleasant warmth all over the whole body. How HEATSCOPE ambient heaters work. The heaters produce heat in seconds on the basis of ultra-fast infrared mid-wave technology. And the light produced by the carbon elements is reduced to a minimum with the SCHOTT NEXTREMA glass front panel.

Logo heatme, cordless battery heating pad for outdoorsheatme: Battery heating pads for restaurants, cafes, hotels and all outdoor areas - Overviewheatme heated cushions »

Sit outside in the spring and autumn too or when the evenings are getting a bit cooler – this is not only possible but really easy in the hotel and restaurant industry and at home too with the heated cushions from heatme. The innovation is a battery recharging system that allows the cushions to be permanent outdoor accessories for the cooler season. Once they are charged up, the cushions provide up to 7.5 hours of warmth.

Logo EcoSmart Fire: Bioethanol fireplaces without smoke, soot, ash, for at home and in the hotelEcoSmart Fire: Ethanol fireplaces for outdoor use, clean, safe, without smoke, soot, ash or embers - OverviewEcoSmart Fire fireplaces »

Fire as fire itself – without any smoke, soot and ash. This has been possible for several years with modern, sustainable bioethanol fuel and the burners from EcoSmart Fire. The alcohol burns with (virtually) no residue and produces a beautiful, pure flame. Resulting in just CO2 and a bit of steam. And the best thing is: once the flame is extinguished, it is really out and does not continue glowing.

Logo NEOZ: wireless design table lamps with rechargeable battery, for gastronomy, hotel and private useNEOZ Wireless Battery Lamp, Table Lamps, Interior Design, for Hotel, Café, Restaurant, Home, Private - OverviewNEOZ cordless table lamps »

Table lighting without any cords – that’s the NEOZ cordless lamps. Developed as a smart, soot-free replacement for candles, the up to 28 cm high table lamps offer up to 20 times more light than a candle ever could. They are also considerably more sustainable: the rechargeable battery stands up to more than 1,000 charging cycles and it can then be replaced afterwards in just a few simple steps, just like all the parts.


Logo deckchairs, director's chairs with and without name, for private or companies

Many customers have got to know and appreciate MOONICH through the printable deck chairs and director chairs. These are of course still available through their own website With or without print, high or normal, from one item, all over Germany, Europe and the world.
By the way, many stars are also familiar with our service: many famous faces have already sat on our chairs from Quentin Tarantino to Tom Hanks and the Germany’s next Topmodel team…

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Inka Schoeck: deckchairs, director's chairs with and without name, for private or corporate use

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